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Gucci silver products: discover the secret of 130 years of extraordinary daily history of Salimbeni.

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Gucci silver products: discover the secret of 130 years of extraordinary daily history of Salimbeni.

Gucci silver products were made from Salimbeni for a long time.

It start when Paolo Gucci’s daughter, Patrizia Gucci (not to be confused with the better-known to
chronicles Patrizia Reggiani former wife of Maurizio Gucci) went around the
companies on behalf of the Father accompanied by Mrs. Von Gunthen, great
connoisseur and lover of Florentine craftsmanship.

Von Gunthen of German origin lived in Florence and knew and frequented
almost all the companies and artisan shops in the city and he often came to us too.
He helped Patrizia find very special and even luxurious handcrafted objects from
put in the samples of the Gucci collections and our things were always there

They chose a series of boxes and snuffboxes to which they matched how
customize the design of a horse saddle,
which we reproduced in hand-painted miniature with their logo the double G

Then at Gucci the famous Flora scarf was designed and made for the actress as well as Princess Grace Kelly, Maison Gucci understand that a complete collection would be very appreciated.

So they decided that Gucci silver products were made from Salimbeni

We were asked to reproduce the same design on the various models of boxes that already we produced and which they chose.

During their visits to fine-tune this Flora collection they noticed a new
kind of work we were doing at the time with engraved flowers and animals and then
glazed in multiple colors.

In enameling, the use of several colors means a great complication as i
colors (which are crystal powders) must be placed precisely in their lodgings
previously engraved and cooked one at a time paying close attention to the points of
fusion otherwise at the moment we put the new color the one just put
it could melt again causing trouble (in the technique section of this site
find a more in-depth explanation).

And The Gucci silver products would made from Salimbeni and it would be in enamel sterling silver
This series of objects frames boxes and also cigarette lighters that they chose and
became exclusive Gucci.

In the early 1980s Gucci opened the Gucci gallery on Fifth Avenue in New York,
in the attic of the building where he already had the shop which was located on the lower floors and lo
furnished like a real art gallery with fabulous pieces inside like
paintings by De Chirico and Guttuso and other highly esteemed painters and sculptures by great artists
modern artists.

Inside The Gallery all the best top quality products and obviously also the Gucci silver products manufactured by Us.
To access it there was a private lift that led from the shop to the Gallery and to
the occasion Paolo Gucci had a hundred gold keys prepared and gave them to everyone
the VIPs of the time, with which everyone could independently access the lift and
then to the Gallery.
When they got to the penthouse with the awesome elevator that operated with the
the golden key was waiting for him by Signora Rossellini, a close relative of the director
Roberto Rossellini, I don’t remember if it was his cousin or his sister who welcomed e
he offered a coffee or tea rigorously in luxurious porcelain services.

The Gallery featured an exhibition of paintings and statues, hence the name for
association with a real and above all modern Art Gallery. On the walls yes
they found the illuminated windows, which contained other Works of Art: Gucci products.
The iconic bags, in fine leathers also with gold finishes and also furs that
at that time they were still permitted and extremely luxurious.
“Our” showcase contained the boxes, the eggs, the frames with the decorations
from the Flora collection and those of the very special (and very difficult to make)
flowers and fruits.

All best Gucci Silver products manufactured from Salimbeni

Some Showcases contained their jewelry lines.
Paolo Gucci was very keen to explain that the jewels in their collection had to
strongly demonstrate belonging to the Gucci collection, that is to have those details
that made him absolutely recognize.

He added: – here in New York if you want a million dollar necklace you can
find it at Bergdorf Goodmann, Tiffany or Cartier, but here you will have to have it
just a Gucci jewel.
At the time, the product differences between the brands were very strong.

We have had cooperation also with Tiffany and Cartier but producing Gucci silver products was particularly exciting for Us, perhaps the Brand is originally from Florence like Us.

In the United States Gucci stores were quite common in big cities but beyond
this fabulous Gallery in New York were also beautiful the one in Palm Beach and
that of San Francisco and others.
In the second half of the eighties when changes had already begun
in the company we went on to do some good work with
the Art Director in Florence who was in love with our stuff especially with the
details in Malachite and Onyx.

So the new collections of Gucci Silver products have elements in Malachite and Onyx.

In these years our designs were made directly by us and then approved
from the House.

Then there were more changes at the corporate level and I started to come forward
an increasingly iconic product idea but less expensive in terms of workmanship e
also materials and the price was more sought after.
The founder of Gucci (Guccio Gucci) and his descendants have carried on
the Company until the acquisition by was completed in 2004
Kering, a company that also owns other global luxury brands.

Guccio Gucci founder of the Gucci Company, born in Florence in 1881

François-Henri Pinault (born on 1962 in France) President and CEO of Kering since 2005

How check if Gucci silver product were made from Salimbeni?

On all the items manufactured from Salimbeni there is their mark 391FI ( read more about the topic on read more on our blog article) more the mark of various Brand more the mark identified the title of the metal, for Sterling Silver is 925.

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