SALIMBENI production of fire Enamelled Silverware.

Since 1891, the Art of Silver

Salimbeni production of fire enameled Silverware in Florence since 1891. It is a historic Artisan workshop of excellence who has received many awards and recognitions 

in the production of Jewel boxes, Photo frames, Table clocks, Snuff boxes, Desk services, Evening bags, Fashion accessories, Table centerpieces and Faberge style eggs in Sterling Silver, but also in Gold especially, for men’s Gemini.
The Salimbeni Company reproduces and interprets a vast range of Styles: from Baroque to Empire, Judaic or Islamic style, Art Noveau and Art Deco up to the Contemporary style.
The Salimbeni company also produces on specific requests from our Customers: prestigious names in the

Jewelery and Fashion sectors, including Architects and Interior decorators as well as Antique dealers and Collectors of works of art.
Our markets expand not only in Italy but also in the USA, Japan, the Middle East, throughout Western Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, counting among our customers the most prestigious jewelers in the world
The Salimbeni company now enjoys a Century-old reputation of solidity and Seriousness, and continues its artisan work, constant and responsible in Preserving the ancient manufacturing traditions: Guilloché and Manual engravings, Fired enamels, Miniatures, Micromosaic, Malachite, Semi-precious stones .




Salimbeni Firenze argenteria artigianale dal 1891 smalto a fuoco guilloche.
Salimbeni Firenze argenteria artigianale dal 1891 smalto a fuoco guilloche.
Salimbeni Firenze argenteria artigianale dal 1891 smalto a fuoco guilloche.


Sterling silver Accessories for Home decoration
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un gruppo di cornici Salimbeni in argento sterling silver colorato una rossa una bianca e nera


Silver cigarette case – timeless elegance

Silver cigarette cases are an elegant and refined iconic accessory, very popular during the 20th century. Nowadays the intended use…

Italy 925 Gold, scam or just mistake?

Attention therefore “Italy 925 Gold” is not a correct expression even when speaking if you find it engraved on an siver object, be alarmed!

Salimbeni, materials:
Eye of the Tiger,
stone symbol of the 70s

Tiger’s eye is a hard stone, a variety of quartz and owes its name to the color that strongly recalls the eyes of the most elegant and imposing of felines: the tiger. Always considered a lucky stone, modern crystal therapy […]

An Egg is an Egg but a sterling silver enameled Egg is a Treasure

Fabergé, the inventor of jewel eggs, made his first egg in 1885 on commission from Tsar Alexander III of Russia as an Easter surprise for his wife Maria Fyodorovna.If the box is the container of everything and man loves boxes […]