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Salimbeni production of fire enamelled Silverware 1 2

Salimbeni production of fire Enamelled Silverware.

For 130 years, state-of-the-art silver

Salimbeni production fire enameled silverware in Florence since 1891. The Salimbeni Company has had important collaborations as a manufacturer of custom-made silverware for Cartier USA, Gucci and many other important Brands.

Salimbeni is a historic artisan laboratory of excellence in the production of Jewel boxes, Photo frames, Table clocks, Snuff boxes, Desk services, Evening bags, Fashion accessories, Table centerpieces and Faberge style eggs in Sterling Silver, but also in Gold especially, for men’s Gemini. The Salimbeni Company reproduces and interprets a vast range of Styles: from Baroque to Empire, Judaic or Islamic style, Art Noveau and Art Deco up to the Contemporary style.

History of Salimbeni company through two world wars up to today has built a centuries-old reputation of Solidity and Seriousness. The artisanal work, constant and responsible in preserving the ancient Salimbeni manufacturing techniques: Guilloché and manual engravings, fired enamels, miniatures, micromosaic, malachite, semi-precious stones.

The Salimbeni company also produces upon specific requests from our private customers not only prestigious names in the jewellery and fashion sectors, architects or interior decorators. Among our customers are also antique dealers and collectors of works of art. Our markets expand not only in Italy but also in the USA, Japan, the Middle East, throughout Western Europe and in the countries of the former Soviet Union, counting the most prestigious jewelers in the world among our customers.

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Sterling silver Accessories for Home Table Clock enameled on guilloche, light blue and purple stripes.
Snuff Box Parrotlets on Flowering Branches. Art Nouveau Style Sterling Silver Enamel Salimbeni Main Image e1689866453135
Salimbeni Table Clock Sterling Silver white colour
0457-4044- Spherical shape frame for 4 hinged photographs in 925/1000 sterling silver gold plated with translucent fired enamels on guillochè. Modern contemporary style. Sphere measures 7.5 cm diameter. Weight gr. 390- Designed by Giorgio Salimbeni in 1968 and produced in Florence in several examples and colors at the Salimbeni company headquarters by hand by skilled artisan artists with thick plate and large reinforcements suitable for sustaining numerous enameling firings at high fire at about 800° C.
4915 5644 22
Sterling Silver Accessories for Home Frame Red Enameled Guilloche Salimbeni
Sterling silver Table clock shaped square box fire Enameled guilloche Salimbeni main image
Sterling Silver Jewel Box Fire Enameled Peacock Hand Painted Salimbeni
5961 68936293 7298 07
Table Box fired Enamel on guilloche and hand engravings Sterling Silver Salimbeni 6