A long history of passion and international successes. In 2016 awarded with the golden florin by the municipality of Florence.

Silversmiths in Florence are many  and there are also many techniques used to make silver products, even when speaking only of craftsmanship.
Franco and Giorgio Salimbeni are distinguished by their dedication to the processes of enamelling and guilloche carving.
In reality they turn out to be masters in all the most difficult techniques.
As proof of this, the various collaborations with almost all the luxury brands and an infinite series of customized products, unfortunately not showable, made for a very high level clientele.

The very high quality of Salimbeni products is known all over the world. Acknowledgments, mentions and prizes.




April 20, 1986 – Diploma conferred by the Italian General Confederation of Craftsmen to
Antica Bottega Artigiana founded in 1891.

2000 – Vicenza Oro – Argò Award conferred by the “Silver Magazine” for “Guillochè frames with Fire yellow enamel.

July 25th 2002 – “Sant’Anna” Award conferred by Confcommercio for the “Historical Workshops”

30 October 2016 – Diploma of Ancient Artisan Workshop Founded in 1891 conferred by
“Confartigianato” awarded with the “Fiorino d’oro”.

June 9, 2011 – Conference by Giorgio Salimbeni on: “Enamel History and Production” at the “Università e Nobil Collegio degli orefici, gioiellieri e argentieri dell’Alma Città di Rome” . Church of Sant’Eligio.

Councilor of the National Federation of Silversmiths since 1982
Deputy Vice President from 1988 to 200