Salimbeni1891 sterling silver boxes have been defined as "dream boxes" as they are precious containers of intimate, personal and personalizing memories and desires. Perfect gifts for acknowledgments, thanks and commemorations. The perfection of the workmanship and the uniqueness of the

Red as blood,Blue like the seaYellow like the sun.The frames embrace our memories, keep them safe and make us relive them.Sterling Silver enriches them worthy of kings and queens,but it is the color that creates the atmosphere at the height

learn More Octagonal pill box in  925/1000 sterling silver goild plated with fire enamel and hand painted miniature landscape. English Queen Victoria style. Size cm. 2,3 x 4 x 1,8. Weight gr. 42. Produced in Florence agg. 2002 in the Salimbeni

more Pillbox with translucent fire enamels on guillochè above and below, and hand-painted miniature bird domed round 925/1000 sterling silver gold plated. Viennese Art Nouveau style second half of the 19th century. Size diameter cm. 4.2 height cm. 1.7. Weight

learn more Sterling  Evening bag , enamel on guillochè, Salimbeni Evening bag oval shaped in 925/1000 sterling silver gold plated with fired translucent enamels on guilloché and hand painted miniatures of dragons. With hinged side openings and with black onyx plaques