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Italy 925 Gold, scam or just mistake?


“Italy 925 Gold” does not mean sterling silver but it is a mistake.
It could also be a scam.
Let’s see what the words mean
“Italy 925 Gold” and why all together cause concern.

“”Italy 925 Gold” is not a correct trade mark. Attention !!! If you have a sterling silver or solid silver object, you will see that imprinted on the metal in a very small size there are numbers that can be “925” or “800” (for NOT Sterling Silver).

The 925 brand where out of 1000 metal alloy parts there are 925 Silver parts (practically pure).

Sterling Silver is so named as it is the base alloy of the British Pound Sterling silver coinage.

These two small indelible stamps that the law requires you to put represent the title of the metal or how much pure Silver, in this case, there is in the alloy of the object you are examining.
925 stands for 925 parts of silver out of a thousand parts of total metal.
This partThe 925 brand where on 1000 parts of metal alloy there are 925 parts Silver (practically pure) .L Sterling Silver is so called because it is the basic alloy of the silver coinage of British Pounds. The other brand that you can find in the case of silver is 800 which indicates a slightly lower proportion of silver compared to the total of the alloy, in fact it is 800 parts of pure silver out of a thousand of total alloy. Are other metals used together with silver instead of using it pure? This happens because the processing of 100% pure silver is almost impossible, the material is difficult, hard and not very malleable, but with a small addition of copper the alloy thus obtained acquires wonderful characteristics that allow artisans but also producers industrialists who work with the machinery to build, engrave, laminate objects.

Silver Trademark 1

Apart from the metal title on the silver product it is mandatory to put the manufacturer’s identification registration number at the local Chamber of Commerce.
It looks like a set of numbers and letters surrounded by a closed line.
All producers of precious metal objects must absolutely be registered in particular lists kept in the chambers of commerce of the area where they reside. other manufacturers so that the authorship of all objects in precious metal is absolutely certain.

precious metal ID manufacturer 1 e1665901344249

If for silver we have seen that the marks can be 925 relative to solid silver or Sterling as commonly called, gold has the titles “750”, “585” and “375” even if in this field the carat. 24K for pure gold (that of bullion in the bank) 18K in general for jewels (which corresponds to 750).
Then, especially in antiques, red gold can be found in which the high percentage of copper changes the color of the metal and in this case we are talking about gold at 14K (585) or 9K which corresponds to 375, where 375 indicates the gold parts out of 1000 total alloy parts.

Gold Trademark 1

If the palladium “950” and “500”

Palladium Trademark 1

Platinum “950”, “900” and “850”

Platinum Trademark 1

2 are the mandatory and necessary marks concerning title and producer

Silver trademarks 1

Other brands may also be present this time however at the discretion of the manufacturer.

They are precisely:
Italy, as an indication of the country of origin, a surplus anyway because as we have seen this is included within the manufacturer’s acronym.

Italy trademark 1

The name of the Brand, which can be the trademark of the proprietary manufacturer for example when we imprint our Salimbeni brand.
The name of the Brand can also be that of the brand of the company that commissions the product to the silversmith, such as when we worked for Cartier or Gucci a representative of the Brand came to mark the products commissioned.

Sterling silver Cigarette case produced for Cartier fired enamel Salimbeni Cartier detail mark 1 scaled e1665902064721

What about Gold then?
What does the third word have to do with it?
It is precisely Gold that represents the error!
Even when the silver is gilded in a 24-carat galvanic bath as in our productions, there is no further Gold engraving, which would be absolutely misleading and untrue.
Likewise, on gold products the title mark is exhaustive and complete.
Attention therefore “Italy 925 Gold” is not a correct expression even when speaking if you find it engraved on an siver object, be alarmed!

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