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Evening Bag in sterling Silver red enameled produced by Salimbeni in Italy

Sterling  Evening bag , enamel on guillochè, Salimbeni Evening bag oval shaped in 925/1000 sterling silver gold plated with fired translucent enamels on guilloché and hand painted miniatures of dragons. With hinged side openings and with black onyx plaques – With 4mm round cabochon sapphire on button claw and spring opening. Size cm. 5 x 15 x 4,2 with chain long cm. 64 – inside with beveled mirror – Weight gr. 510 – Art Deco style first ‘900. Created in 1985 from a design by Giorgio Salimbeni. Manufactured in Florence in the Salimbeni factory with completely manual execution by artisan artists with high thickness plate and big reinforcements suitable to support several enamelling firings at about 800° C., with “lost” hinge, that is semi-invisible. Excavation of the “beds” where the enamel is placed with a depth of about  mm. 0,4 by means of burins and subsequent incision of the guilloché which is a craftsmanship performed on precious metals, which allows to obtain engraved surfaces with complex and repeated geometric patterns. The technique consists in engraving with a burin the metal by means of a machine with manual controls.. High-fire enameling, with numerous firings, with translucent red color and black edges. Hand-painted miniatures of the dragons by means of very fine enamel powders mixed with essential oils, fired several times and covered with a layer of colorless melting enamel. Sanding and polishing subsequent manual engraving finishing.