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Salimbeni enamel Sterling Silver Gift, White colour
Salimbeni enamel Sterling Silver Gift, White colour

Color in all its expressions has always been one of Salimbeni1891’s most passionate goals. For us, white represents the purity and triumph of light, but also a great challenge.

White does not admit errors or imperfections. It is an operation of extreme elegance, a continuous struggle between invisibility and excess.

Always loved at the Imperial Courts where it is often accompanied by bronzed and golden colors that warm the rooms, we find it in a multiplicity of shapes, from walls to furniture to objects.

We have chosen for this offer our sweetest and mellow white, important and full of passion.


Pearlescent white centerpiece bowl with antique gold details. Swan head handles that look down where the feet and joint have the shape of fish.

A natural consistency in this elegant and classy piece made entirely of Fire Enamelled Sterling Silver with 24 carat gold plated details

Salimbeni Table Clock Sterling Silver white colour

La forma di un ventaglio per l’ orologio da Tavolo in Argento Sterling Smaltato a Fuoco e Dipinto a Mano.

Decorazioni e finiture in stile impero russo con guilloché e fine incisione a mano. Movimento svizzero meccanico scheletrato con carica 8 giorni e sveglia. eseguito a Firenze nel 2005 nella manifattura Salimbeni.

Realizzato completamente a mano in Argento Sterling Smaltato a fuoco e con i dettagli dorati a bagno galvanico a 24 carati

Creamy white frame with hand-engraved imperial decorations in antique gold. French modeling bow on this beautiful frame

A precious gift as precious are our memories. Made entirely by hand in enamelled sterling silver and with gold plated details in a 24-carat galvanic bath, in the Salimbeni Company in Florence.

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